Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites { biz-A}

Life is biz-A. I am learning about distractions right now. How I really load my plate, thinking I am doing a world of good. When in reality, I am falling for the big lie... if your busy your important. Slowing down to take in the sun this coming week. Prioritizing. Learning to live more simple.

This last week... not so much. I had a few moments to pin or read or relax.

We fixed the "plumbing up here on the mountain. This consists of 1) finding the spring 2) uncovering the spring 3) dig out the mud 4) finding the hole that leads to hoses 5) unplugging the hole that is probably covered by more mud 6) let the water drain 7) putting our brains together to find a new way to cover the hole so that his doesn't happen again 8) gathering rocks 9) building a new cover 10) covering the spring 11) covering the spring again 12) hiking home as the sun is going down 13) taking a shower that comes from the spring that you just uncovered dug out and recovered. This means you get to take a refreshing mud bath...

On top of maintenance there has been dark. ugly. stress. that you can't put your finger on around here. I think that may be warfare...

Ruthie has been home all week... I have seen her twice :( However, I got an incredible manicure with some of the best girls I know. That leads me to my favorites of the week.

Favorite Instagram:

This weekend we are : Going to a summer party. Showing some homes. Going on a date. Planning some marketing for Kairos. Prioritizing. DINNER with FRIENDS!!

What about you?

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