Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites {things that make you go Hmm..}

It's Friday. I am winding down. This week took me to all sorts of places. Places I had not imagined on Monday. All week I found myself going hmm...

Homes under contract. Listings coming soon. Searching for "the one's" most of the week. Amazing conversations. Watching God work RIGHT HERE in Utah. It was such a full week. I kept thanking God all week for the people God has placed around me. Conversations that were had. Prayers that were said. All I could do was sweetly hum hmm... God you are good

In all this looking I have seen more and more lowered commissions. It made me wonder what is going on in this industry. Made me think hmm... Are we lowering our industries standards. Hurting everyone in the process?

Realized that some people maybe didn't remember that I am a full time Realtor. Ready to help you with ALL your real estate needs. Made me go hmm... Better start marketing better.

News about the Lobster and her boys stopped me in my tracks. Made my cry hmm.. God why?

A blog post and conversation with someone close to home about aborted babies being incinerated for " green energy" made me go hmm... puke. right. in. my. mouth. Even if this story is not real, the responses near and far, left me with my mouth wide open.

A couple of doctor's appointments with a few other family members left me saying hmm... I am getting old.

We picked up a trucker hitchhiker in the canyon this week. He kept using phrases my Dad used all the time. It took my breath away and took everything I had not to break down and cry. Left me crying hmm... Oh. Sweet. Heaven.

Conversation with Bestie and her mini over What'sapp left me saying hmm... How could I get $12,000 dropped into my lap so I can go to Africa?? ASAP!

A long drawn out conversation, emails and re-code writing left me saying hmm... Will Kairos really open this year?

Then great texts, emails and conversations reminded me that hmm... If God want's it to happen, it will.

By now you are probably thinking hmm... what happened to your favorites!!


Favorite Instagram Photo's

My favorite treat of the week. These easy peanut butter, coconut oil and chocolate mix.  Peanut butter and coconut = my new favorite flavor. I know it sounds weird. Just give it a try.

This gross post left me saying hmm.. how do you get meat in a jar like that?

This was my favorite book of the week

This article left me saying hmm... that is soo cool

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you experience a lot that makes you stop and say hmm..

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