Friday, May 18, 2012

Take some Chances

This week I took the punks to the rec center. It has taken over a year to get the youngest punk to go. Not a strong swimmer (like his mother) he hates public pools. There have been numerous birthday parties he has turned down just so he wouldn't have to swim. His older brother continued to reassure him that it was so much fun. That the water is shallow and that he would be able to swim. Little punk continued to refuse. Finally this week little punk dared to go. What do you know? He had a blast. No with just a little over a month left here at our current home he has decided he wants to go all of the time.

That made me start thinking. How many times has God given me glimpses into his wonder. His plans for me. Promising me the ride of my life? Because I am so scared,  I don't think I have the abilities to do what he is asking. I say NO. AND then  No again. I doubt his love, his power, his infinite wisdom. I try everything else. I believe the serpent; telling me that God is trying to cheat me of something. I think my way is better. I forget his promises. Then finally in desperation I give in, I realize that it's a blast. All along I was equipped with just what I needed. I mean, he promises He will provide. Why don't I trust?  What ever he is doing is meant for my good. Not to harm me.

Here is the thing. God could force me into change (and he has). BUT he can't force me to enjoy it. Just like I could force the youngest punk to go into the water. He wouldn't enjoy it. When I resist him I cheat myself of the amazing adventure he has planned for me. So, I have learned to embrace this amazing new ride. I can't wait to share all that God is and has been doing.

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