Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yeah... I am thankful

If you like what you see. You should talk to Angelique. She has an amazing God given talent.

All this "I am thankful" crap floating around on facebook has got me feeling guilty. I mean, I like the thankful crap.  But why are we not thankful like this everyday? The other thing I just have to get off my chest is, what with the Christmas in the stores already, what happen to THANKSGIVING?  and Christmas music? Why is it okay to start the Jesus music in November? but we can't play it all year round?

So here is my list of what I am thankful for:

1. Thank you JESUS!! Yes, JESUS. Oh, my goodness. I don't even want to imagine where I would be today if you would have left me in that gutter of lies. If you would have let me go down that path I had chosen, full of glamour and greed. What sewage I would be living in!! Ephesians 2:8. This is the scripture that screamed at me and I jumped. Right. into. His. grace.

2. L.O.V.E. of my life. First,thank you he is gorgeous. Oh yes, he is. Not just his looks but his personality. He is THE funniest guy I have ever meet. A dreamer and a realist. He breaks me down and builds me up. Reminds me of who and what is important. God uses him as a tool to mold me. He is my other half. My best friend. He really is. If I have a choice to go get a drink with the girls or hang out and watch UFC (gag a little here) I choose the couch everytime!! He is unbelievably brave, he takes risks. He encourages me and discourages me. He protects me and then pushes me out into this scary world, promising he will always be there to protect me. He works hard for this family. He sacrifices for us. He leads us. He has vision. If you don't know him, you want to, the second you see him. He is trust worthy. Random people tell him their problems all of the time. I am not kidding. The regular run to Home Depot always takes way longer then it should. Because the cashier usually ends up telling him how she just filed for divorce and bankruptcy. Not kidding true story. When he hears these stories, he is burdened for them. He is amazing. He treats me like a queen. Loving me just as he loves himself, thanks again JESUS! Solomon 1:7

3. Punk 1. Ha. He is one funny kid. This kid has compassion like no one I have ever met. AND the brain on this child. He was born a philosopher. My mother use to say " he is an old soul in a new body" (whatever that means right, insert bratty daughter snicker here )He is constantly putting himself in the other persons shoes. He loves Jesus. I mean really loves him. I questioned his love for Jesus a little while ago. Started with all the mother worries. Like "oh my, he is going to just punt everything I have ever tried to drill into his head." BUT he surprised me. He came back at me with HIS love for Jesus. Not the one I tried to instill in him, not the "I love Jesus because mom loves Jesus." No, his own authentic love for Jesus. AND it shows. He is going to be an amazing man. IF it's in God's cards that he marries... she is one lucky lady, because I am one lucky mother. Not sure what God was thinking when he handed me this child, other then watch out Misty he is going to show you just how much I love you. I feel so ill equipped. 1 Samuel 1:27. Yes, he is an answer to my prayers.

4. Punk 2. This kid is a bowl full of giggles. This child was born witty. He has a come back for everything. He is such a joy to have around. He too is compassionate. Always the first to lend a hand. AND this kid is great to hang out with. He tags along just about anywhere I go. Always full of encouragement. He is so in-tune with others feelings. He knows when someone is having a bad day. Then he tries to fix it. I don't know how many letters I have stored in a special little box from this guy. On any given night (usually extra long ones, when I want to tear my hair out) I come to bed with a note setting on my pillow. He usually writes these AFTER I put him to bed. They are so full of genuine love. To personal to share what they say, put he is so precise in his writing. They are not generic in any way.  Again, 1 Samuel 1:27. God, knew what he was doing. He answered my prayers yet again.

5. My Metochoi Ladies. Most of you won't know what that means. BUT they know who they are. AND they mean the world to me. Proverbs 27:17. Thank you for keeping me the sharpest tool in the shed.

6. My FAVORITE neighbors. Yes, that is plural. Because her family is amazing. A reflection of her. She is incredible. I can't even begin to explain the love I have for her. She has seen me at some REALLY ugly times. You know what she did... made me dinner. I am not kidding. One of those ugly days, where not only did you not shower but you ugly cried all day. She noticed and brought me dinner. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. Thank you friend for helping me up.

7. Authentic Friendship with WOMEN. When I was younger, mom use to say over and over again how she hated women. They were so catty. So, I grew up not really liking women either. BUT boy, God has sure changed my heart. He has placed some AMAZING women in my life. I am SO grateful for them. They love me, talk with me, rebuke me, pray with me, and show me love. Like, really show me. They don't just say they pray for me, they set me down and pray for me. They don't just say they love Jesus. They move to a different 3rd world country and show that they love Jesus. Then they come back, share stories that rock my world and point me ever more to Jesus. They tell me to "Stop bucking my God and obey him." They tell me, I encourage them as well. They remind me to run the good race, because who knows who I will be setting next to at the feast. It could be Paul!! They tell me to keep going because they have been there too and it gets better. They remind me of what a good wife is. Then they invite me over for a glass of wine and a good craft night.  So, I LOVE you women. Thank you Jesus.

8.This Year of GROWTH!! Ugh... it has been painful. BUT would not change it for the world. 

9. Make up. Yes, I am thankful for it. You should be too. And all of the mundane stuff like : toothpaste, soap, smelly lotion, my favorite perfume, the new turquoise necklace, Jeff's job, my job... The SCOUT!! Yes, I love the scout. 

10. My country. Yes, the good ole USofA. I sleep in safety every night. I have opportunities at every corner. I am free to write whatever I feel, with out the fear of someone killing me. They might not like it, but they have the freedom to not follow me. Thank you men and women who sacrifice so much for a silly little soul like myself. I am grateful.

And yeah, I am thankful for you. Thanks for sticking around. God Bless!


  1. Misty! I love reading your blog posts! You are truly inspriring! Thank you for sharing! You are beautiful! Teri =)

  2. This was all very beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this blog with all of us. It's very uplifting to read. We are soooo lucky to have you and your sweet family right next door. Move and we will stalk you...This is true. You make me want to do better. You're entire family is an inspiration. Those boys of yours, as Maranda put it, give me hope for the years to come!

  3. :) Would you stalk us half way around the world? Would you could you stalk us in a train or a plane? Yeah, not sure where that came from. Are you ready for that table yet?

  4. Misty! How do you do it?? You either make me cry or get the goosebumps when I read your bloggs!

  5. Why yes, I would Miss Suess! I will stalk you in a boat. And I will stalk you with a goat. I will stalk you in the rain, in the dark, and on a train. I would stalk you here or there. I would stalk you anywhere.
    OK, That's starting to sound a little creepy isn't it?

    I'm very excited for my table!!!