Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day to be Thankful

I can't count how many beautiful sunsets we have witnessed  on our back patio.
So, here it is November 30th... the last day to be thankful in this month. (Sarcastic Snicker) I just had to share a little something that happened to me over the course of this week. Bare with me as I share the sorted story.

Four years ago we moved into the home we now reside in. A string of events lead us to a quick decision about this home. Sure it didn't meet aaallll of the criteria we wanted, but we knew it would have good resale value. At the time, that is all we were concerned about. Truly we thought we would own this home no longer then 2 years. We believed we would up grade a few things and then sell it for a profit. Soon after we moved in the BIG BUBBLE BURST! Over the last few years we have contemplated selling. As of now any equity we had and any money we put down on this home is GONE. Just like most people who bought 4 years ago.

Dirt bag fire pit L.O.V.E. made in our back yard. Yeah, I am lucky to have such a handy husband.

Home is where you can be a PUNK and be loved ;)
When people ask me about my home, I always say "It's real small and I don't have an office and I HATE the tile and all of the flooring and blah blah blah." I complain, I grumble. For some reason last week as I was saying this to some incredible buyers I am working with, it hit me. "Seriously Misty!! This is the home GOD gave you. You spoiled, selfish, little brat. This home is perfect for you guys. 2,800 square feet is plenty of room for a family of four. AND your neighbors!! All of them are amazing!" Oh, wow! Talk about humbling. When I started to think of the memories we have made here and the again with my neighbors. God sandwiched me in between two amazing families. You are familiar with my "favorite neighbor" you may be less familiar with my "rigid pappy" neighbors. What you say, those are opposites, that makes no sense! Well, it describes them perfectly. Piercings... for both of them on their gorgeous faces. AND her... well she is the type you covet right away. Knock out body and gorgeous eyes. BUT these two aren't just about looks... they have hearts of gold. A month or so a go appliances did NOT like me. I ended up blowing up two, YES, TWO microwaves in ... wait for it ONE DAY!! Guess who had a spare one and gave it to me for free???? Yes "rigid pappy".  So lucky to be surrounded by such selfless people.

Anyway, all of that just to say. Thank you GOD for placing me RIGHT where I need to be. Thank you Jesus, that you know me so much better then I know myself. That you provide in crazy, spectacular ways that I would never even imagine or dream (and I have a pretty good imagination).

If you are out there looking for the "right" home. Don't worry you will find it. I promise. BTW it's my job to help the process be that less stressful. So, if you are going at it alone or you know someone who needs a little help in the complex decision. I would love to help!!

Making Memories!!

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  1. That's right, so stay put!! If you ever try to sell your home we will sabotage by faking a domestic dispute in the middle of the street while you have prospective buyers over.