Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look What I Can Do....

 It worked!! I can cut glass. No I am not kidding!!

A while back while doing some pinning I saw this Pin

I thought Oh My Goodness!! How cute!! that would be such fun decor for a wine tasting. BUT how on earth did they get those candles in there. Well duh, they cute the bottoms off.

Then I remembered about three years ago, how L.O.V.E. made an EPIC beer lamp.( you thought I was going to say bong.. ha) This thing was incredible, I wish we would have taken pictures :(  It also took Fo EvA to cut all the beer bottle bottoms off. I sulked for a day or two.

 Then I started pinning again and I ran across This Tutorial. I tried it and it worked. BUT I did mine a little different. Let me explain. I am a skimmer. Yeah, I don't read ALL of the instructions. I saw the supplies, I gathered my supplies... I was missing something. The main ingredient COTTON!! yep, Cotton is the key. Keep reading... or if you are like me, just look at the pictures.

Step 1. Gather Supplies and fill your sink full of COLD water

Step 2. Wrap your glass bottle 5 or 6 times with Cotton. Not like me. The first time I just grabbed some yarn I had laying around. It was not cotton. I lit the baby on fire ... oh oops I am getting a head of myself. Keep reading.

Step 3. Remove the cotton from your bottle and soak your cotton in nail polish remover.

Step 4. Wrap the wet, soggy cotton around your bottle.

Step 5. Light it on fire. wish I had a picture of me and the oldest Punks eyes as we got to this step. (Have I ever told you we are a family of pyros. That's another post)

Step 6. Hold the bottle where you are NOT going to get burned. Roll the fire around on the cotton by rolling the bottle back and forth. Do this for about 20 seconds. Make sure all of the cotton has caught fire at some point. It has to get HOT! Sorry no picture here. This part requires two hands.

Step 7. Now place it in your sink of COLD water. You may hear some popping or cracking and then MAGIC!!! 

I am going to have to cut at least 5 or 6 more bottles. This is how I plan on using it at my next Ladies Night. It's going to be a blast. Wine glass painting and tasting!! Can't wait!


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  1. Oh man this is AWESOME!!! I need to make these and I am still very sad I missed ladies night :(