Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Farm House Dreaming

Maybe, it's the rooster that crows at the crack of dawn next door. Or the million flies that I kill on a daily basis    (they remind me of the dairy farm I grew up next to. Don't judge, but I like the smell of manure.. really!!) Or the trip we took to blogland earlier this year. Or the video a friend just posted of Jessica Simpson dancing about in her skimpies in a barn... Don't worry I would NEVER do that!!  BUT I am longing for a farm house.

I have been fascinated with farm houses for a little over five years now. It started with a trip to a tiny little town some good friends of ours lived in . Darby, Montana to be more specific. They lived in a little farm house on the "outskirts" of town. They had chickens and a cow and TONS of land. At night we would start a fire. L.O.V.E and friend would take off on the four wheeler's to check out the wild life, and I would stare at the stars. Since I can't have it right now, I will just pinterest :) Will you join me?

At least I have the Farm House Bed. Made by the hands of my L.O.V.E.

Lurve me a Farm Truck!!

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