Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I have tried on Pinterest

I have this love of  Pinterest. It has a lot of great ideas and beautiful pictures. I use it for inspiration and a checklist. I use it to get more organized and for some amazing ideas on decor, staging, parties, crafts, travel ideas and wardrobe ideas. I love it. The thing is you need an invitation to become part of this elite little group. If you wanna, you can ask me to invite you and I will. Because I am sooooo nice like that!!  Here are some great things I have tried from Pinterest. Some were huge successes, while others were just great ideas. I have a list of about 100 other things I would like to try. I have to remind myself one at a time... I get too overwhelmed.


This was a success so far. It made a huge difference under my sink. We will see in a week, after the bottles have hung there for a while. Best part of this, was that it was free... sort of, I mean I already had the tension rod in my basement from a year or so before. That counts right?I am afraid to show the before and afters. You all will judge.

I have made  a few chalk boards in  my day. This picture was the inspiration to the new chalkboard that hangs in my entry. I loved the ornate, distressed, white frame. I found a hideous gold frame at the local second hand store for $5.00. Everything else I had on hand. It took me less than an hour total.

The source has disappeared. It was inspiration for my messy summer do. Super easy.

 But I did copy this tutorial to get the foundation for it.

I used all of these for inspiration outfits. I mean seriously good stuff on here.

I guess the only one that has truly been just a good idea was this one. I won't even show you the after. Lets just say I could not find my favorite shoe under the rubble of extra large purses.  


They were immediately hung back up in the coat/backpack/laundry room. Sure wish I had one of these. At last there is no room in my home for a space like this.


I would settle for one of these.... Maybe if I beg and plead the L.O.V.E. of my life will build it for me!!
I would love to give you the source. Someone stole it and pinned it with out giving the credit. There is a tip for you. If you join pinterest make sure you give credit where credit is due!! Nice picture anyway.

(via Pinterest)

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