Friday, August 19, 2011

Dirt Bag Road Trip through the Wild West

I loved this Bridge. Well worth the hike to get to it!!

I woke up this morning full of piss and vinegar as Granny would say. I started a blog post about short sales because that is what I fell asleep thinking about and woke up to. On my smart phone was at least six emails about short sales, the state of our economy, and a few from a client who has basically had enough. Who could blame them? It's mornings like this I have had enough too. So instead of dwelling on things I can not change I went to lunch with a very dear friend and bought some STUFF for another friend who will be joining us back in the States very soon!! Then I turned my phone back on. Low and behold... lots of emails, texts and messages about the state of my clients economy, how they are feed up with the nagging phone calls from their bank, etc.. What does this have to do with my dirt bag vacation? Nothing, other then today I wish I were there. I get tired to y'all!!

So this little post is taking me back to my pretend life. The life of a dirtbag. Just traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, eating.... no worries man!!

We started out in Yellowstone. We arrived at our camping destination Saturday morning 2:00 AM. It was cold, but it was fun!! Each morning L.O.V.E. would have to pack everything into the trunk of the Mercedes. He was unbelievable, he just has a brain that works like Tetris, he makes it all fit.

Then we headed into town to see the bear and wolf exhibit. Some friends of ours recommended it and it was spectacular. We got to watch them eat, and play. They are magnificent animals. 

Then the Punks wanted to go find them in the wild. Thankfully we never ran into any in the wild. But there were plenty of postings warning you to be BEAR AWARE!!
We dared to hike this trail. The Punks are showing you their "we are not afraid" body language.

Literally 30 seconds into the hike, we found this... Bear dung!!!!!

This is where the hike took us. Breath taking!!
Oh, my heart is already feeling happy!!!
Then it was off for more site seeing. We had to see ALL of the famous features. Ol' Faithful, The Falls, The Paint Pots, the BISON... If you have never been to Yellowstone, you are missing out. Don't fret though, I took plenty of pictures. I don't mind, you can live vicariously through me .

These Bison basically owned the road. They look so friendly... don't let them fool you!! In fact this is the funny little flyer they give you as you enter Yellowstone!!

Do you think this warning applies to the Punks?????

You can't forget the falls. We hiked up and then down and then up again! Whew! 

It was well worth the 600 sum odd stairs. The view was breath taking.

Off to the Canyons and such....

Two  days in Yellowstone, a life changing biscuit at Ernie's Bakery, and a most tasty camp dinner made by the L.O.V.E we were on our way to the Teton's.....

Notice in the bottom right hand corner there is a warning sign. There was a momma grizzly bear with three cubs frequenting the area. She never showed for us. Still we really enjoyed the view. Breath taking, no?

Momma moose!!!

We love the Teton's. One night there and we were off to Lava Hot Springs. Lets just say Lava was super Dirt Bag. That night we soaked in the healing hot springs.

  We stayed in a seedy little motel and the next day tubed the "river". It was a blast until we went over the falls...
(This is not us!! Oh no, we were not quite as graceful. This was taken off of the Lava Hot Springs website)
  the little punk and I sustained leg injuries and a major scare. Well that was enough for these dirt bags and we headed home.

Thanks Sister In Law for watching the house and dog. I can't tell you how appreciated the home cooked, comfort food was. Wish I had a picture of that wonderful meal but it was gobbled up before I could get the camera out.

My heart is happy again.... memories.

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