Friday, October 17, 2014

Sisters in Christ

Sitting at a baby shower she pulls me close. I want to be her when I am 80 and so I lean in and listen. She said she was reading a few years back some statistics about the Christian Bride. She says "there are three main reasons that young people from the ages of 18-39 are leaving the church in groves. That means large quantities" she says.

"They are leaving because 1. Hypocrisy. Christians don't DO what they say the believe. They tell everyone else to do it, they hold everyone else to the standards. 2. Exclusivity. We say everyone belongs. Then we scoff when someone different walks through the doors. 3. Relationships. We are missing real relationships. Do we really care? Why do we offer our opinions and rebuke people when we don't have a relationship with them?"

" Misty" she says "what can you and I do about that today?"

I ask myself this every morning since.

It's those people God places in our lives.


Folks. What can you and I do about this?

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