Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cleaning out my Closet. {Literally}

MountainMan is away on business this week. When he is gone, I  write a long list of "to do's". {please tell me you do the same thing}. On the list is cleaning out my closet. By the time I was done, I was disgusted. I quickly realized I am a clothes hoarder.

I have read all the books and I have even vowed to get rid of more. The less stuff I have, the less I have to take care of. The problem is, I really like clothes. They don't have to be name brand. OR the latest trend. I just like to mix and match. It's a creative outlet. {such a 1st World Problem. I know.}

I decided I was going to get rid of some stuff. Use some of the handy pinterest things I learned, like this new way to fold my pants. They don't fall off the hanger. {POW!!}


I also watched a video two months ago, about how  to organize your closet like a "stylist". { a dream job when I was a child, that I guess I still fascinate about every once in a while} In the video she mentions velvet hangers. I could not find them on the cheap. Shopko had a great deal. I procrastinated. the sale ended. they were expensive again. {By the looks of it, they may be on sale again!!} THEN I walked into the Dollar Tree... 2/$1.00 velvet hangers. Say What?! This is a great way to just buy a few, see if I like them. Then bargain shop and buy more. Or go back and buy $20.00 worth.

The process was slow going. I divided the clothes. Things to get rid of, Things to repair. Things to throw away. Things that do not fit. 

I tried on a lot of stuff. I am glad I am not a fashion blogger. I don't know how those girls do it. You know, like get clear pictures.This helped me see what I really liked and what my style is. I recently started following this blogger {Angie}. I am answering the questions. Writing down my two lists of adjectives. This may really help me get rid of some of this clutter. 

I think the hardest part was running across sentimental things. Like my Dad's hat.
OR Ruthie's necklace she  made for me. 

It was easy to get rid of things that I had not worn in a while. Things I felt did not match my style, like a pink beach bag. {Any takers?} 

When all was said and done. I was pleased.
 I still don't have something like this to show you. {That would take a larger closet.}


I am content. Things are cleaner. Remember, I live on a mountain. There were piles of dirt on the floor. {you may have noticed in some of the photo's} That's all cleaned up. I feel better. It's not weighing on my mind.  It's just another way to take care of myself. 


What did you do this week to take care of yourself?

Linking up with Ginger this week. Keeping accountable to get those goals done and take care of my self. 


  1. I was thinking that if we each had even half of the clothes that we have pinned on pinterest and lived close by we could come and borrow from each other's closets! lol :)
    Thanks for the inspiration, I'm want to organize every closet in my house now!!!

    1. That would be a dream ;) I noticed we have similar taste. You know what they say, great minds think a like!

  2. Misty- Those piles of clothes looked just like my sisters when she pulled everything out. She likes clothes just like you do! She just started a fashion blog. Http:// She pts some great outfits together!

    I loved hearing more of your story over at Ginger's!

    1. I checked out her blog. Cute stuff. I like how she puts the shopping options at the bottom.

      Guest posting... Scared me :). Weren't you & I suppose to get together and guest post?

  3. I recently cleaned out my shoes and I felt heartbroken for a while haha but if I don't wear them I'd make as well make someone else happy with them. I might have to do the same with my closet but I'm going to have to find the guts to do it, it for sure will be so confronting to see how much money I've wasted on clothes that are actually no good...
    When I do I'll have to get back to this post!