Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites {taking care of yourself }

Whew it's Friday... I made it!! Did you all make it? It's been a whirlwind of a week.

I got a few things done on my to do list.  Like cleaned the master bedroom and got ALL of the blankets washed. I just love fresh linens and blankets. Don't you?

I also started back on FLyLady. It's incredible how much these little practices change your

I exercised 4 out of the 5 days. I am back to running!! Then I went ahead and ate 12 of these little tasties.  If you have not eaten a buck eye... then you don't know what you are missing. Imagine taking a Reese's peanut butter cup, rolling it around in your palm, sticking it in your mouth and saying "Wow that is the best peanut butter and chocolate I have EVER tasted" Yes, that is what it  was like for me. In fact it was so delicious, I repeated 11 more times.  

The highlight of my week was when I finally downloaded What'sapp. If your bestie lives out of the country {like mine}, you want to hear their voice and instant message. Then this is the app for you. Ruthie and I talked all day long. I beamed when I heard her voice and her laugh. Clearly, like standing next to me!! No tin hat's required. Technology. It can be a beautiful thing. 

For your weekend reading/viewing/contemplating pleasure

  • My favorite blog post of the week: My friend Lanette wrote this a bit a go. It's about taking care of your self first.
  • My favorite article of the week: Because I am back to running and I love coffee and will do just about anything but give up sugar to avoid diabetes.
  • This is my newest to me favorite song: Reminds me to just HOOOOOOLLD ON.... Oh Alabama Shakes your Pandora station makes dinner making easier for this mama!
  • My latest read: You can pick it up on Amazon for $1.99 today!! Yes, I am a Feminist who loves men. Don't forget I am a mother to two boys. They need to know strong women. Brave women. Women who follow Christ to the cross. I am the first women in their lives. I have to set a good example. 
  • My favorite YouTube of the week: Oh Mercy Project... I love to watch these kiddos faces. Ever think to your self... I can't do anything to help someone else? Here is your chance. Team with Mercy Project helping free children from slavery. 
My goals for the week:
Get the lease for Kairos sent in. Even if I have to go down to the USOE's building and demand to speak to "the one". 
Post for contractors... know anyone who wants to give me a free bid for a school build out?
Run 3 times
Door knock and list a home
Word study rooted and established
Paint my nails
Register MountainBoys for classes
Go to an open caption event
Hit two big events: A) eat and support some friends in their ministry B) smile at a couple that just took their new vows til death do them part... 

This weekend I am making Coconut Cupcakes and sharing them. Soaking up some sweet warm sunshine. As well as linking up with Miss Ginger for some accountability with taking care of myself and goals. 

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