Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorites { Random Addition}

This week has been sooo sweet to my soul.

It started with a phone call from my bestie half a world away. It was wonderful to talk to her. I wish we could have talked longer. I have so. much. I want to chit chat about. I know our time is limited. We both try to keep it to the most pressing matters. :)

I thought all week about this crazy journey God started a few years ago. He surrounded me with doers. Overcomers. Movers and shakers. Pistols. Risk takers. People who said "send me" and then went.

He brought new people to Utah. He sent some to oceans away. He put adoption on some hearts. Foster care on others. He opened eyes to oppression. He encouraged others to change communities, villages, cities and organizations.Some he pulled out of the chains of addiction. Some he rescued from slavery.

ME? He pulled me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone. Yes, even after I said "Send Me"

I wonder if these people would consider getting this tattoo with me? Marking a time in our lives where God chose to send us and we said "yes." I pray we continue to March Forth.

Speaking of March 4th!! My funny favorite neighbor text me this week. She said "You know this is the only day of the year that tells you to do something!!" You make me giggle Miss DeAnn. I made your incredible Carmelita's this week. I ate the whole pan.
...and I wonder why I have not lost a pound or an inch...

Prayer time with my prayer partner left me thanking God for her. She said YES!  to God when he made us friends. She listened to me, when I had nothing but ugly to say. She prayed for me. She encouraged me.

I had lunch with my favorite "Bird". She is an amazing Mama. Brave. Patient. Selfless. One of those risktaker's. She writes about her brood here. This week she talks about the word "NO" and how we as Mama's have the right to say that for our children.

A few weeks ago I had coffee here  with another Doer of the Word.  {best coffee in Utah, seriously}. I want it in my cup every morning. I have been tumbling our conversation over and over again in my head.Simplify. Simplify.  She has to be the most graceful, joyful, content, full of faith woman I know. She has really blessed me.

Wednesday left me with an answered prayer for Kairos. These people were recommended to me by another one of the member's of the movers and shakers. Thank you. This network has been incredible. I felt as though I was moving backwards. They are moving me forward, quickly!

I ended today, with a woman I want to know more. Honest. Beautiful inside and out. Graceful. Merciful. Obedient. Our conversation filled my soul. I wanted to reach across the table and squeeze her. I refrained. I didn't want to ruin any future coffee dates. Her story and stories she told honored God. I could have stayed and listened for another two hours.

This week I pinned a lot. Enough, that MountainMan mentioned it. I am working through some things that have been laid on my heart. Women. Girls. Pregnant Teens. The American Church. Inspiring Women. How do I move? What do I do? How do I pour out what I have been given? I am trying to process it. I want to do it in a loving manner. I realized, I pin to distract myself. This is no bueno. Now, to be accountable. I am putting a time limit on my screen time.


Here were some of my favorites of the week:

Lupita Nyong'O really impressed me at the Oscar's. This speech, gave me chills. When she says "you can't eat beauty", I teared up. Go watch it. 

I want this shirt

It's getting warmer. Less fires. So, we are getting ready to put our humidifier's away. We have to clean them first. This post told me how to do it!

All that pinning and that's all I've got for you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am going to be rejoicing at a baby shower. Talking Doula. Reading this . Eating this. Doing this. and this.Cleaning out the closet. AND hiking!!

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