Saturday, August 17, 2013

HaPpY 35th to me!! 35 random things you may or may not have known about me

Thanks Aurea for this photo. I L.O.V.E. it!!

1. My passion is Mamas' and their babies. Truly. Since I gave birth to my first son {14 years ago} I have loved the whole process. 
2. I am on a school board. It is almost unbelievable that I get to take part in this. Teen mama's is our LOVE. We love them and they need more people in their ring. With an incredible team we have promised to do just that. Love them. Support them. and help them get the education they deserve!!
3. Currently I do not own a dishwasher
4.Rum is my favorite alcoholic beverage.
5. My husband and I went on our first date thanks to a friends BIG fat lie!! Now we are coming up to our 16th wedding anniversary. See, God really can use things that are meant for bad for good.
6. I was raised in an itty bitty town {that is now huge and a really popular town} Grown up by my single mother and one little sister. {16 years later I got a brother through adoption} She taught me perseverance, hard work, over coming the odds.  I swore I would never go back to the boondocks. Guess what? God had different plans.
7. I am mad for country  music. Give me Hank Williams Jr, Jason Aldean,Little Big Town, Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert on her own and don't forget The Man in Black!! Awww and the Civil War's. 
7. We have owned 4 of our own businesses. Succeeded and failed. I am an entrepreneur. {I don't like to be bosssed around ;)}
8. I am one of those lucky women who has a really wonderful Mother In Law!! She cares for me. Loves me. Knows my ugly. 
9. I. am. a. mean. shot. I mean, I can actually shoot a gun and hit the target almost every time. 
10. If I am totally stressed out, I shoot my gun
11. I have two Dad's. One biological Father. {He passed away last year} and my step Father. He raised me. He is the one that told me "Misty, you can do what ever you put your mind to", as well as "if you are going to do something, do it right the first time". "Don't try to change any one. You can't. Only they can change, if they want to." {this included men}  He also taught me to be my own boss; amongst other many tells of wisdom. 
12. I have only  had two best girl friends in my life. One in high school. Her family  saved me. They taught me what a "normal" family looked like. After marriage and babies, Eileen and I drifted apart. I miss her. My other very best girl friend {Ruthie} just moved to Texas and on to Africa. I truly am so excited for her and can't believe she let me be part of her story.
13. I have two tattoos and could get my body covered in them. I have to practice self control here for three reasons. 1) It's just not good for business 2) I do not want to be old, saggy and colorful... {I want my grandkids to like me} 3) I would embarrass my children
14. I have been a member of the same church since it church planted here in Utah. Go LIFELINE!!
15. I have had no major injuries. Unless you count the time my ear got cut off.  I don't remember that. So, it doesn't count. 
16. I am a Realtor. An Associate Broker in fact. Top 10% in Utah. Just say'n. I know what I am doing. I heart my clients. This year I have had some of THE BEST!! and God has really protected me against some really bad transactions. Thank you Jesus!!
17. I have learned this year that as much as I want to run from it... redneck is in my blood.
18. We have a lot of sassy women in my family. They taught me. I want and can blame my "attitude"on them. THANK YOU MAMA!! {sometimes I swear like a sailor}
19. My attitude is one of the first things my husband loved about me
20. The Holy Spirit is constantly convicting me of this said "attitude"
21. I have taught a Bible study. Lead some woman! Can you believe it? Talk about being held accountable.
22. The Bible is the lamp unto my feet. I am trying to live by what God tells me. Yes, he tells me via HIS WORD! No, I have never audibly heard the voice of GOD. Please, don't commit me.
23. Acts of service is my love language 
24. I have an infatuation for Cowboy boots!! I own a few...
25. I am trying to figure out what this new "world" is all about. I mean how does your eyes get opened to this hurting world and yet have nothing change. Something has to change. Starting with me.
26. Driving is probably my biggest sin issue. Argh!! What does that say about me? Selfish? Bossy?
27.Mountain Man is really my premium friend. My SOUL MATE. I am blessed to have found him. Or did he find me? Oh yeah that's right. We were tricked into this love affair.  He knows my ugly. Ugly hair, stank breath, and black heart. Yet, he pushes me. To be the BEST.
28. Romance is ehhh... okay. I would rather shoot my gun
29. I have a hard time loving drug addicts. There I said it. Why? I have been surrounded by them. Watched drugs ruin lives. God is working on this. In fact this man was placed in our lives. He shared his story. I had compassion and love. I am searching for understanding with others in my life.
30. I am running out of interesting things.. Ha! Yes, Ha! I like that better then LOL.
31. Turquoise is my favorite color, jewelry, etc. Just give me turquoise and sometimes a little rust 
32. I have an unhealthy obsession for antiques
33. I once had THE BEST NEIGHBOR's. Then I had to move. They were really incredible. NO. ONE. will ever top them. No. one. could duplicate them. I miss them every day. God willing, I would move right next door.
34. One time a "LADY" told me to stop bucking God. Her words ring in my ear every day. She became my mentor. I love her. When I am being a "bad" wife. I am told to call  her. Thank you for believing in me. 
35. In 35 years I have learned the following things: Life is a story. Always changing. Pushing us through and to things we never would have imagined. Sometimes we buck and run away only making  the ride bumpier. There is no such thing as security no matter how much you plan or try to create it. God is in control, not me. There are lot's of surprises. Love as much as you can right where you are. Tomorrow that opportunity will not be there. Open your clenched fists. Say yes, more.Let people love on you. Smile. dance.alone in the kitchen. Hug your children. It's never to late to make up. Say your sorry. or set goals. Start a business. Take chances. There is no such thing as failure only learning experiences. Do something you said you wouldn't. Open your eyes to other peoples stories, you may learn something. Don't be so opinionated. Walk in someone else's shoes. Who cares if you spell it right, just write it. Let go of the stupid things. You know we all screw up. Yep, we sin. BIG TIME!! We say, write, and do things that are so RIDICULOUS. FORGIVE {it means you don't wish harm on that person. You are not trying to vindicate your hurt. It doesn't mean you forget or that things go on like it never happened. You just don't try to make them pay for something they did. Cause guess what? They can't repay you. They can't make up for it. } Time flies. Kids really do grow up. They turn into young adults. Soon they will be adults. My kids are my mirror. Your job is not everything. Neither is money. Or TV or a flat stomach. Or great skin Or perfect teeth. Half of my life is over {I hope. God willing I don't live past 70} I want to go first, I don't want to be a widow. Grumbling  grieves the Spirit. I need to stop grumbling. 


  1. I never knew! You are amazing! Reading your blog... I am blown away! And, we have alot in common! I need to share a dream with you that God has given me over the past 5 yrs. Slowly has shown me pieces. I drag my feet. It's too much I say. But it's about teens and women in Crisis pregnancy. You have a heart for teen pregnancy, babies, mom's, and family. So do I. This dream is huge and will help do Many teen mom's. Maybe we should get together and chat? Anyways happy wonderful birthday. Your a beautiful soul :-) Shari Rohr Nelson

  2. All those years of teasing this redneck, it finally comes out. I hope you had a great birthday and we are so happy that you have found peace and happiness.


  3. All those years of teasing this redneck, it finally comes out. I hope you had a great birthday and we are so happy that you have found peace and happiness.


  4. Love this! I am going to assume those awesome neighbors you mentioned were us ;-) we may not still be neighbors but we are forever friends. Family. I hope you had a very happy birthday. Love you!