Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 questions to ask yourself when making life changing decisions.

While reading through Joshua I am stopped in my tracks. Chapter 9 verse 14…’ but did not inquire of the LORD.’ Joshua makes a treaty of peace after being told not to. He somehow forgot and assumed God would bless the decision. This of course leads to other situations that could have been avoided. Responsibilities God never intended them to have. A burden God didn't want them to bear.  
I have been guilty of the same thing.
It either takes me forever to make a decision or I just jump. Hoping God blesses either decision.
I have been known to jump at a business decision and take forever to make a decision about where to meet for coffee. I have also waited so long to make a decision the opportunity passes by. Yet, I have jumped on the band wagon without counting the cost and regretted it. This in turn brings a burden
upon me and my family.
With the thoughts of our time here on the mountain coming to an end I am determined to change this. Just how do you make good decisions? How do we know when the time is right? I have studied and found this advice to be some of the best I have heard.

10 Questions to ask yourself before jumping:

  1.        Have you prayed about it? Seems like it would be a no brainer. Like Joshua I have jumped to a conclusion or just plain forgot to pray about this decision. I forget what God has told me in the past and I go for it. Thinking all along it was reasonable. Truly prayer was never meant to be the last resort, where we beg God to bail us out of our hasty plans. “God remind me that you are not supposed to bless my plans. I am to ask you, what are your plans?” ~ AMEN
  2.        Is it consistent with God’s Word? Do your research. Don’t take scripture out of context and manipulate it to fulfill your wants.
  3. 3      Is this possible to do and still have a good Christian witness? What will my attitude be like? Do I understand that saying yes to this will mean saying no to other opportunities? Would I be proud to announce this to the public or am I doing it in secret?
  4.      Will the LORD be glorified? Just who am I seeking to please? God or Man? Goes back to the question “Am I making followers of myself or of Jesus?”
  5.       Am I being responsible? God lets us suffer the consequences of our sins and our irresponsible choices.
  6.        Is it reasonable? God gave us brains to use. Don’t just put it in neutral, thinking God will work it all out. The Word tells us that “we are to think and use what we know to be true.” {Philippians 4:8-9}
  7.       Does this opportunity really exist? Has the door been closed? Was it really ever open? Is this in God’s timing? If not, then wait it out. I know I have been J
  8.       Have you asked other unbiased spiritual friends and associates? I know this has been a real blessing in my life. I surround myself with people who don’t always agree with me. This helps because sometimes I can’t see past the situation.  Yet, the one looking in from the outside sees more than I do. 
  9.      Do I have a spirit filled desire? Am I doing this to satisfy a fleshly desire or am I doing this to see God’s Kingdom furthered?
  10.    Do I have peace about this decision?

Next time you have a plot twist ask yourself these questions. If you can answer YES to all 10, then jump! God’s got your back.

(Questions taken from Walking in the Light by Neil Anderson. Commentary and study taken from NIV and Max Lucado Devotional Bible)

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